Trenbolone Enanthate 125 mg Drostanolone Enanthate 125 mg

Trenbolone Enanthate 125 mg /ml

Drostanolone Enanthate 125 mg /ml


Ultrabol 250 is mostly designed for cutting or lean mass purposes. It give you the advantage of cycles long acting ester products like, Trenbolone Enanthate and Drostanolone Enanthate without having many painful injections per week. It haves powerful total 250 mg dosage so dosage should be decided between 3–6 ml per week. Ultrabol 250 is very versitale so you can use it for many different kind of steroid cycles. The incredible anabolic power of Trenbolone will promote muscle mass in very high level and Drostanolone will help to make the gains more solid with extra androgenic power which will promote fat burning and increased aggression and energy for hard training sessions. Ultrabol 250 injections are not problematic so users will enjoy this product with quite comfort. For Cutting and competition physique cycle Ultrabol 250 with Testabolon 100. For Example 4 ml of Ultrabol 250( injections should be twice per week) and 4 ml Testabolon 100( injections should be every day or every other day) per week will give very powerful results. For lean mass, combine Ultrabol 250 4 ml per week with Long acting Testosterons which will need twice per week injections like, Testabolon 200 (3–5 ml per week) , Testabolon 250 ( 2–4 ml per week) and Testabolon 400 ( 1,5–2,5 ml per week ). This product is very similar to Ultrabol 175 as you all see but users who dont want a lot of injections can have more benefit from Ultrabol 250 because it offers more mg per ml and you should inject 2 times per week for stable blood hormone levels when Ultrabol 175 requires everyday or every other day injections. For Bulking, Equitest 350 can also be a very interesting choice. This product will offer the advantage of 2 very anabolic agents such as Boldenone Undecylenate and Testosterone Enanthate in same bottles with a high concentration like 350 mg / ml. When you will add to 3–4 ml of Eqitest 350 to 3–4 ml of Ultrabol 250 you will have a very very powerful combination. Dont worry about aromatization because Drostanolone’s Anti-Aromatize effect will reduce water and fat retention.


What can be good with Ultrabol 250?

-          Anyway its a very complete product but still some advanced users can have benefit from:

-          Equibolon 200 and Equibolon 400 ( with addition of 1 kind of Testabolon of your choice)

-          Equitest 350

-          Testabolon 100, Testabolon 200, Testabolon 250, Testabolon 400

-          Stanolon 10 tablets, Stanolon 50 and Stanolon 100 injectables

-          Oxandrolone 10, Oral Turinabol 10, Provirone 25, Mestanolone 10, Superdrol 10 Tablets.

-          T–3 ( Throid ) tablets

-          1-Testomax 75 ( Dihydroboldenone )



What can be alternatives for Ultrabol 250 :

-          Ultrabol 225  ( with some Stanolon  and / or Masterolon addition ,  )

-          Ultrabol 200 ( with some Stanolon and / or Masterolon addition )

-          Ultrabol 175  ( with some Testabolon 100  and / or Stanolon addition )

-          Ultrabol 150  ( with some Stanolon addition and /or Primobolon 75 )

-          Megabol 200 ( with some Stanolon and / or Masterolon addition )

-          Megabol 225 ( with some Trenbolon 200 and Testabolon 100 addition)

-          Megabol 275 ( with some Testabolon 100 addition )

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Optimum Pharma ULTRA 250

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