Trenbolone 75mg Testosterone 75mg Methenolone 75 mg

Trenbolone Acetate     75mg/ml

Methenolone Acetate  75 mg/ml

Testosterone Acetate   75mg/ml


Ultrabol 225 is designed specially for cutting. We have formulated the product based on most populer cutting steroids who are used together. Product didnt formulated with high amount of dosages because it needs to be injected Everyday or Every other day. This type of injection Schedule will give a steady and strong blood steroid level which will end up with good and solid results. Maximum dosage is designed as 5–6 ml per week as a total 1125–1350 mg of powerful steroids. Of course very advanced users can go to higher dosages but please try more lower dosages before you increase because Ultrabol 225 is a very very powerful product. Ultrabol 225 containes short ester steroids so pain level in injection area will be more higher then other products. But In Ultrabol 225 we have changed short ester Testosterone Propionate to another short ester (acting) Testosterone Acetate. In this product Trenbolone, Testosterone and Methonolone will be released from the same ester at the exact same time with same dosage power. As you see Ultrabol 200 and Ultrabol 225 are similar in formulas. Ultrabol have Methenolone  (Primobolon) as extra because short ester Methenolone will add extra anabolism to cycle without bulk look. In the Bodybuilding world Methnolone has lost its popularity due to its mild structure and high cost. But dont forget please this product was the base of many steroid cycles when big legends like Arnold or Frank Zane was in their best shape. Those champions was of course smaller in size than Today’s Champions but their Symmetry and Definiton was unique. So they will always be remembered when many huge guys are already forgotten.

What can be good with Ultrabol 225?

-          Anyway its a very complete product but still some advanced users can have benefit from:

-          Masterolon 100, Masterolon 200

-          Stanolon 10 tablets, Stanolon 50 and Stanolon 100 injectables

-          Oxandrolone 10, Oral Turinabol 10, Provirone 25, Mestanolone 10, Superdrol 10 Tablets.

-          T–3 ( Throid ) tablets

-          1-Testomax 75 ( Dihydroboldenone )

What can be alternatives for Ultrabol 225:

-          Ultrabol 250  ( with some Testosterone addition, most likely Testabolon 100 )

-          Ultrabol 200 ( with some Stanolon and / or Masterolon addition )

-          Ultrabol 175  ( with some Testabolon 100 and / or Stanolon addition )

-          Ultrabol 150  ( with some Stanolon addition and /or Primobolon 75 )

-          Megabol 200 ( with some Stanolon and / or Masterolon addition )

-          Megabol 225 ( with some Trenbolon 200 and Testabolon 100 addition)

-          Megabol 275 ( with some Testabolon 100 addition )

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Optimum Pharma ULTRA 225

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